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Saturday, 22 January 2011

What's a Matter?

OK, so I have just posted two quite in depth blogs, and I think three would be too much, but I want to do one more before going onto another topic. We have started to look at the fact that everything can be reduced to a vibration, everything has energy, everything is connected and that what we interact with on a day to day basis in reality is only the smallest fraction of what is out there.

But if everything is made of the same parts on the smallest levels (atoms; protons, neutrons & electrons) what makes everything different? Why do our bodies stay together? Why does everything you touch not become part of you? Why are some things heavy, why are something a gas, solid or a liquid?

A fundamental law of the universe is that it strives for equilibrium. I.e. Heat always flows to cold to reach the same temperature, High pressure flows to a low pressure in order to reach the same pressure, electricity flows fro ma higher potential to a lower and the list goes on. Why does it not work the other way around? Why does everything flow from a higher realm to another? Is that proof that there is a God? If energy cannot be created or destroyed, where did the energy come from, and how will it ever stop? What else in existence operates under those laws?

Going back to your body, there must be a common factor between it and say the desk you touch or the air around you that stops it from becoming one, to strive for equilibrium. But it can't be vibration, because we can measure the energy of all our atoms and therefore its energy. But mind precedes matter, so is that the key? Is it the mind that trumps the laws of the universe and reigns king?

If we are in constant decay, then what is death? Is that us finally reaching equilibrium? That would imply that we are at our greatest potential at the moment we are conceived, and that doesn't seem logical because then there would be no need for life, or is that what makes us humans different? Are we a sacrifice in order to make sure the system works?

We do not know anything about our existence, no matter what your religion, your science or you philosophy tells you. You are not encouraged to question your existence because then you no longer comply to the controls that people have put into place for you. That's why you will see reality TV shows, advertising and a world dominated by Money thrive as long as society stays the way it is, because a small number of people get rich off of you not thinking, because you are productive.

To close this trilogy of blogs, think about the following. Scientists now claim that as much as 80% of the universe is anti-matter. But why is it not 50/50? What are we lacking materially? Also quantum mechanics and nano-technology is going smaller and smaller than anyone has ever been before. They are now way past the common notion that protons,neutrons and electrons are the smallest constituent parts. We are now talking quarks and bosons, where will it end? God?


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