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Monday, 17 January 2011

Way Ahead of Its Time...

The best way to prove a point is to relate it to something else for a dramatic effect, a kind of WOW moment. In this blog I want to prove a point about Ancient History, and that the series events that is History that has been taught to us for a long time is completely different to what actually happened. Why? Well I think that the two biggest factors are Ego and Academia.

People in the modern age put themselves on a plinth and think that they must be the most intelligent people that ever lived, and that anyone who came before cant have been anywhere near as intelligent. The thing is, knowledge can be lost, and we are not anywhere as smart as we like to think we are.

As for Academia, the most prestigious someone is the more people take their word for gospel. People climb to the top of their 'field', and the only way anyone else can be right and they wrong is if the second person has achieved at least the same qualification, had the same number of years in that profession, taught at least the same number of lectures etc.

The truth is though that simply by standing back, and not having enforced education cloud your judgment, the average person has a knack of asking questions that seem just as if not more than plausible as the modern academic. What happens then? They are ridiculed. The point being that we are going to learn a lot about ancient history, and you will soon see that academia has far than got all the answers, and sometimes they admit it but most of the time they don't, so it us up to you to ask the questions and make your own judgement, not someone who is good at taking exams and kissing ass. So here is the first awe moment, the...

Antikythera mechanism

We have had to admit that it is more advanced than we ever thought possible and it proves that our ancestors in history were a lot smarter than we are led to believe. Click the link and watch the video, and just wonder, if they could do this, what else could they do? Not only that, but how long was this knowledge around, and how did it disappear?

 Antikythera mechanism 

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