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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Two of something is better than one of nothing....

Have you ever just sat and thought about... anything? I have always liked to take time out and ask questions, and I am very interested in what we call reality. Below are some notes I have wanted to put into words for some time, anyone got any ideas on this?

Duality of the Universe

Light Vs Dark

There is no such thing as dark, only the absence of light.
Warm Vs Cold

There is no such thing as cold, only the absence of warmth.

Good Vs Evil

There is no such thing as Evil, only the absence of good.

We can't have one without the other, as without one, the other can't physically exist. What is Dark? It has no physical properties, it is only that Light that gives life to dark, gives it the context to exist.
How can you appreciate one without the other? If you have never been really warm, how can you comprehend what being really cold is?

What is the difference then between good and evil? Is there any at all, do both exist or only good? If there is only the absence of one thing, and no-one can be perfect, are we all inherently evil? After all there cannot be a grey area in between, it has to be one or the other or nothing it all.

The perfect example that I can think of and which made me question things to begin with is Happiness. Everyone wants to be happy, don't they? Well why are there so many sad people in the world?

A couple of years ago I was in a dark place, the saddest I could ever imaging myself being, and I didn't know why. I eventually 'snapped out of it' when I realised that I had a choice..... I could literally choose to be happy no matter what environment I was in. 

I have never been so happy since. You have to reach the extreme of one, to realise the other.

So why is life like that? Why is it structured like this? If you study science formally or just take a look around you, you will see that the universe always seeks to balance itself, to reach equilibrium. It always has, and always will. Will it ever reach it? How can it? It is in perpetual motion.

Now think about the main reason why people don't believe in God. It;s because they look around at all the suffering and the wars and the destruction, and make the assumption that there cannot be a God. This is simply not true. There is always something bigger, and always something smaller than ourselves. If there is a creator who is managing the balance of everything, he is looking at the full spectrum, and we as individual human beings are very very small, regardless of our very very big ego which places us in the centre of  everything.

Finally the nature of Duality is exploited by powers to ensure that you are always delirious as to what to think.

North Korea Vs South Korea
The East Vs West
Labour Vs Conservative
Democrat Vs Republican
Communism Vs Democracy
Etc. Etc.

All these do not exist, they just make you think they exist in order to make you lean towards a particular mindset, label you and then control you. Think about what we have discussed.
Ying Vs Yang
Alpha & Omega and everything in between.
Finally Life & Death.


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