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Saturday, 22 January 2011

So You Wanna Be a Star!?

OK so something different now, but no less important. Do you follow celebrities? Why? Most would say just for entertainment, but some people are actually obsessed by these people. The danger is that they are not actually REAL people. They are modelled in order to sell products, they are a walking talking advert. You would have to look real hard to find a celebrity who is true to life.

But these people influence your children, they fill up all the news, and they are constantly put in from of you to look at, 24 hours a day. Would you want thee people running your country? Why do we all want to be famous and at any cost? How dangerous is our world 'Entertainment' industry? How real actually is it? Well watch the following video and you will learn the answers to all of the above, as well as how simple techniques can be put in place to exploit you like you never thought possible. Starsuckers should be the number one on the blockbuster chart, but it never will be. Why? You already know why if you have been reading, MONEY!"


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