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Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Summary of 5 Years Research: The Story so far...


Ladies and Gentleman,

***This is a thread I put together for ATS after realising it was 5 years since I had joined. Enjoy!***

Though I am but a stranger to ATS now, I do come back here intermittently just to get a heads up, to indulge in a little nostalgia. You see it was a little over five years ago that I created my account here and joined the ‘Alternative News’ community’ it having welcomed me with opened arms. I was going through what was still undoubtedly the hardest time I have ever (or likely to have) in my life, and during the midst of my distress a friend made an offhand comment that changed my life forever.

[quote] ‘Have you seen a film called Zeitgeist?’[/quote]

I am still tumbling down the rabbit hole now. After watching that movie, we talked about some of the topics and how strange it was that no-one ever discussed such things. Then he hit me we the next blow:

[quote] ‘Have you been on a website called ATS?’[/quote]

What a journey it has been. Having come through my turmoil a new person, here was a new world of information awaiting me, topics that were rarely discussed i9n everyday life but to me seemed the only topics worth talking about. Who cared how good the latest Spiderman film was!? Didn’t they know the market collapse of 2008 was staged!?

There seemed so much to learn, and so little time. But instead of being daunted by the prospect; I jumped in head first. I ordered my first books, downloaded my first documentaries. With every one of them I felt like I had another piece of the puzzle, and the ultimate answer to it all seemed in sight. How wrong I had been.

The solution, the answer to whatever I was searching for ever eluded me, and in an effort to keep pace I devoured more books, watched more films, searched for new blogs. The list grew and grew, and five years on, it is bigger than ever. So I have decided to draw a line in the sand and share with you what I have come across so far.

By no means is this list exhaustive, I wouldn’t possible be able to keep track of everything. What I have done is have the best possible go though, listing all of the items I am currently in possession of (and including a few guilty pleasures, for old times’ sake).

Why have I done this? Because it took a hell of a long time for me to produce this list, and if someone would have presented me with it in the first instance, with all the duds removed, and told me that all I ever needed to know was included; I would have bitten their hand off. Just think of the time I would have saved! Well now, hopefully, I will be saving someone else that time.

Then that somebody might go on to read more books, watch more documentaries with spare time, and might even decide to take it on their selves to write a new, revised, more complete list for someone else to find.

I hope they do.


You have no idea how much time it has taken me to compile this list! I have been literally working for two full days, taking photos, uploading, compressing, searching for every title on Amazon and IMDB, creating lists, copying all the required links and ISBNs into a spread sheet, copying all of that information into a Word file, renaming and uploading every photo to ATS, copying all of the picture code links into this document and then adding the HTML code to every heading and link. Not to mention any de-bugging I may have to do when I finally post this!

My hands are cramping and chances are I will not be able to sleep tonight, but as you will see from my summary at the end (please take the time to read this part if you viewing this thread, even if it means skipping through the list to get there) it was totally worth it.

As well as posting here on ATS I have made the decision to post all of the titles onto Pinterest, Amazon and IMDB as well as my own blog which I haven’t updated in a very long time. Please feel free to check out this pages, share and leave comments; anything that you feel will spread this to a wider audience. It has taken a lot of time to put together and the more people that benefit from it the better.










The List


A White: The Religion of the Open Mind


Aesop: The Complete Fables



Aldous Huxley: After Many a Summer



Aldous Huxley: Brave New World



Aldous Huxley: Chrome Yellow





Aldous Huxley: Island





Aldous Huxley: The Doors of Perception





Aldous Huxley: Time Must Have a Stop





Aleister Crowley: The Book of Lies





Alex Dryden: Red to Black





Alexander Shulgin: Pihkal





Alexander Shulgin: Tihkal





Alfred Huang: The Complete i-Ching





Ali Luke: Publishing EBooks for Dummies





American: The Bill Hicks Story






Anthony Lewis: Tarot Plain & Simple





Aristotle: Politics






Artu Perez: The Dumas Club











Barbera Carellas: Urban Tantra






Beelzebub: A Course in Astral Travel & Dreams





Ben Goldacre: Bad Science





Bennedictus De Spinoza: Ethics






Blood & Guts





Bowling for Columbine






Brian Cox: Why Does E=MC2





Bronnie Ware: Top 5 Regrets of the Dying





Buckminster Fuller: The Critical Path





C R Robertson: Fundamental Electrical & Electronic Principles





Capitalism: A Love Story






Cervantes: Don Quixote





Charles Fort: The Book of the Dammed





Chogral Norbu: Dream Yoga





Christopher Dunn: The Giza Powerplant





Clarke Snell: Building Green










Curtis Jackson: From Pieces to Weight





D Scott Rogo: Leaving the Body





Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends & Influence People





Dangerous Knowledge






Daniel Kahneman: Thinking Fast & Slow





Dante: The Divine Comedy





David Rockefeller: Memoirs





David Standish: Hollow Earth





DMT: The Spirit Molecule






Doreen Vertue: Chakra Cleaning





Dostoevsky: Crime & Punishment





Dr Joseph Murphy: The Power of Your Subconscious Mind





Dying to Have Known





E J Hearne: Mechanics of Materials Vol 1











Edward Bernays: Propaganda





Ekhart Tolle: The Power of Now





Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement





Ernesto Guevara: The Motorcycle Diaries





Esoteric Agenda




Fahrenheit 9/11





Food, Inc.





Francis Bacon: The Advancement of Learning





Frank Close: Nothing (A Short Introduction)





Fredrick Neitszche: Thus Spoke Zarathustra






Future by Design





G I Gurdjieff: Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson





G Ryder: Strength of Materials





G Titcomb: Fundamentals of Engineering Science





Gabriel Garcia Marques: 100 Years of Solitude






Garbage Warrior





Gas Land





Garland Part II





Genevieve Paulson: Kundalini & the Chakras





George Orwell: 1984






Graham Hancock: Fingerprints of the Gods





H G Wells: A Short History of the World





H P Lovecraft: Necronomicon





H W Coultas: Theory of Structures





Helena Petrovna Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine Vol 1










Homer: The Iliad





Homer: The Odyssey





Hughes: Electrical Technology





Human Resources






Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark





Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom





Indie Game: The Movie





Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined





J D Sallinger: The Catcher in the Rye






J Douglas: Solutions to Problems in Fluid Mechanics





James Joyce: Ulysses





Jan Spiller: Astrology for the Soul





Jim Marrs: Above Top Secret





John Morley: On Compromise





Jonathan Black: The Secret History of the World





Jules Verne: A Floating City





Jules Verne: Journey to the Centre of the Earth





Kevin Bryan Carrol: Taking Down the Curtain





King Lines




Kung Fu: Annual










Life in a Day





Lisa Reschel: The Runes





London News Illustrated: 1845-6




London News Illustrated: 1850-2





Loose Change





Malcolm Gladwell: Blink





Malcolm Gladwell: Outliers





Manly P Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages





Mark Brandon Read: Chopper






Mark Haddon: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time





Mark Sisson: The Primal Blueprint





Marques Alexandre: The Kingdom of Agarttha





Martin Schulman: Karmic Astrology





Marty Gallagher: The Purposefully Primitive





Max Gerson: A Cancer Therapy





Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson





Melvin Burges: Bloodtide





Michael Newton: Journey of Souls





Mike Tooley: BTEC National Engineering






Mike Tooley: Higher National Engineering





Nassim Taleb: Black Swan





National Geographic Explorer: Inside LSD





Niccolo Machiavelli: The Discourses





Niccolo Machiavelli: The Prince & the Art of War






Noam Chomsky: Essential Chomsky





Odhams Press: The Story of the World in Pictures





Our System Our Structure Our Illusion




Paradise with Side Effects




Patrick Suskind: Perfume





Paulo Coehlo: The Alchemist





Pierre Chardin: The Phenomenon of Man





Plato: The Dialogues of Plato





Plato: The Republic





Power Unlimited




Pumping Iron






Rene Descartes: The Meditations





Reverand Hutton: A Present Saviour




Reverand Merrivale: St Paul at Rome





Richard Bandler: Conversations





Rick Strassman: DMT Spirit Molecule





Ring of Power




Ring of Power: Monkey Blood




RiP: A Remix Manifesto





Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger Vol 1





Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger Vol 2





Robert Anton Wilson: Cosmic Trigger Vol 3






Robert Anton Wilson: Masks of the Illuminati





Robert Anton Wilson: Principia Discordia





Robert Anton Wilson: Prometheus Rising





Robert Anton Wilson: Quantum Psychology





Robert Anton Wilson: Reality is What You Can Get Away With





Robert Anton Wilson: Sex Drugs & Magik





Robert Anton Wilson: The Illuminati Chronicles Vol 1





Robert Anton Wilson: The Illuminati Chronicles Vol 2





Robert Anton Wilson: The Illuminati Chronicles Vol 3





Robert Anton Wilson: The Illuminatus! Trilogy





Robert Anton Wilson: The Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy





Robert Anton Wilson: William Reich in Hell





Robin Waterfield: Hidden Depths (The Story of Hypnosis)





Rough Guides: Make the Most of Your Time on Earth











Scott Cunningham: Wicca





Seven Men of Science: Science & Religion





Shiv Singh: Let the Numbers Guide You










Sigmund Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams






Sir Thomas Browne: Religeo Medici





Stanly Williams: Blue Rage Black Redemption










Stephen Hawking: A Briefer History of Time





Stephen Hawking: The Grand Design






Stephen King: On Writing





Storyville: How Hackers Changed the World - We Are Legion









Super-Size Me





Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World





Sylvia Browne: The Other Side & Back





T Lobsong Rampa: The Third Eye





Terrence McKenna: The Invisible Landscape





The Age of Stupid





The Beautiful Truth





The Century of the Self






The Corporation





The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes Off





The Smashing Machine





The Union: The Business behind Getting High





The Yes Men Fix the World





Thomas Moore: The Poetical Works





Thomas More: Utopia










Tim Rob Smith: Child 44





Timothy Leary: Neuropolitique





Tsung Tzu: The Art of War






Tupac Amaru Shakur: Resurrection





Tupac Amaru Shakur: The Rose that Grew From Concrete










Unknown: Arabian Nights





Unknown: Prince of the House of David






Unknown: The National Dream Book




Unknown: The Star Out of Jacob




Unknown: The World’s Great Thinkers





Vicki Wills: Ashtanga Yoga





Virgil: The Works of Virgil Vol 1





Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price





Waste Land





William Callister: Materials Science & Engineering





William Strunk: The Elements of Style










Zeitgeist: Addendum





Zeitgeist: Moving Forward






Well there you are, a list of over 200 books and documentaries that I have watched or read over the last five years. It is remarkable to me upon reflection of just how much of my life has focussed around such topics, or to be more specific on the search for knowledge. I suppose it sums me up perfectly; always looking to learn more, to better myself in some way.

If you have endured the full list above, then you probably know more about me than even my closest friends, my colleagues, or even my family! As I am sure you know yourself; some people have that thirst; that drive, and some people don’t. Most people don’t in fact. Not only do they not, but they are not interested, at all, and will even criticise you or make fun. I have had it all. But I refuse to be like most; sitting on the couch eating potato chips whilst the real World, not the one portrayed on reality TV passes me by.

How fitting it is that the last entry on the list is Zeitgeist; the one that started it all off for me. The list was alphabetical by the way, so it wasn’t planned that way per se. I suppose you are probably wondering right now, ‘So? What’s your conclusion?’ Is there a global banking conspiracy? Is the Queen of England really a Reptile? Did Bush really plan 911? Are we really living in a computer simulation or are we an alien experiment?

The truth is.. I don’t know. I don’t know, and I don’t much care. What I have learned more than anything is that the truth is a good concept, but it doesn’t hold much sway in our everyday reality. What does hold much sway is how you feel, how you think. Don’t waste your time, sitting in a darkened room worrying about the conspiracy to reduce the world’s population by two thirds; go out in the sunshine for a walk and enjoy nature instead.

That isn’t to say that I have resorted to burying my head in the sand; that is the polar opposite of where I am right now. The world, our world is full of great injustice, and were it not for me steeling myself, I swear I would despair every time I lifted my gaze from the ground beneath my feet. The world needs to change, and it will. But the only way that change will manifest itself is if people like you and me, having learnt the things we have learned; instead of feeling defeated, we feel empowered. We are the 99%, and don’t you ever forget it.

Life is a mystery, life is a journey. Enjoy it, continue to evolve, strive to be the best you can be, help your fellow man (and woman) and the world has no option to respond in a positive way. My journey does not end here, I am sure I will be back in another 5 years with a bigger list. Information is increasing at an ever faster rate, and though it is hard to keep track of all the latest advancements, it’s worth trying to keep your head above water. For every dark night, there is a brighter day to follow.




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In one final attempt at what can only be described as humour, the following song came into my head when I started putting this thing together and it has tortured me for the last two days. As such, I had to include it…