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Saturday, 15 January 2011

There's Something in the Water!

I will keep this one short because the following short video explains it a lot better than I ever can. The fact is that there are several things added to your water, depending on where you live.

These are to prevent bacteria build up, and to keep the water clean from the processing plants to your tap. But fluoride is also an added extra, to prevent your teeth from 'Dental Fluorosis', a condition which has no medical proof of existence whatsoever.
In fact the opposite is true, it is actually harmful to the body! So why is it in our water and our toothpaste? Because it has a very strong affect on the brain, as discovered in the Gas chambers in World War 2. Again a story of control, sad nut true.

It is also in some bottled water, is that the reason why after the pure mineral water has been flowing through the volcanic rock for hundreds of thousands of years, it has a consume by date of 1 week?!

Question everything folks, and you will soon find that there are not many answers out there, but a whole lot of lies.

Finally you can avoid this poison by purchasing fluoride free toothpaste from your local health store and buying a reverse-osmosis water filter for your home. Watch the video, and learn something else that a lot of people don't want you to know.


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