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Monday, 17 January 2011

Is there an App for that!?

I guarantee the vast majority of you out there have mobile phones, and most of these will be the touch screen 'smart' phone variety. But would you still buy the latest model if you knew some of the destruction it was causing?

Most people would reply, course I wouldn't, its immoral. But the same people will more than likely buy the latest brand clothing to leave the sweat shop, and buy electronic goods which are made in horrendous working conditions.

But really, they distract from what is beautiful in the world, they are pumping out radiation which may.or may not have adverse health conditions and they have been implicated in mass kill offs of honey bees, on who we rely on for 66% of the worlds food production. So would knowing the true cost of manufacturing them in the first place make you question their use a little more?
I am not here too pass judgment, just speculate and illustrate all perspectives. Watch the hour long film Blood Coltan, and you will be a lot better informed.


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