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Saturday, 22 January 2011


So what is energy? The equation above tells us that energy is the mass of something multiplied by the speed of light squared. This is strange as when you look at something like a gas, its mass is very very small compared to the volume it occupies, and the speed of light is just one rate of vibration out of an unlimited scale. So do we actually understand it? When you start looking closely at energy, it is an absolute phenomenon. Lets look at a few of these and see what we can say for sure. First, here's a picture:

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy is the result of a vibration. A vibration is the alternating of energy in a sinusoidal way, cycling from negative to positive constantly. Does this imply that we are alternatively here and then not here, but everything is simply vibrating too fast to tell? Well actually when we start slowing things down and breaking them down to their constituent parts, quantum mechanics actually shows us that such things are possible.

Everything in the universe exists because it has a tendency to vibrate. Why? If everything was created out of nothing, why would it start to vibrate and never stop? Everything in the universe, no matter how big it is, can be broken down into smaller and smaller constituent parts. The parts most of us are familiar with are atoms; protons, neutrons and electrons. All of these are in constant motion, vibrating at a particular frequency which we exploit as energy.

OK so you get the picture, but what is the limitation of energy then? Look at the diagram above, the colours in the middle are the only ones we can see. In a universe infinitely large, we can only see a little slither of it, the smallest crumb of a gigantic cake. What else is out there?

If you go either side of this visibly spectrum, we can see that there are still things we can interact with. Sound for example, and heat, electricity, radiation are all things that are vibrating at a slightly different rate, and our body is affected by them and can sense them through out 5 senses in some way or another.

We only know radio waves exist because we have an instrument, i.e. a radio that can detect them, your body cannot. What instrumentation is your body capable of?

But what about the things we cant sense? Does it really seem plausible that the only things that exist are the ones that we can measure with our instruments, see with our eyes, hear with our ears and taste with our tongue? People throughout history have claims to have 'powers' that have been labelled as 'supernatural'.

Is it not possible that some people can just simply interact with this spectrum at a place that most of us can't? is it not possible that people can 'sense' danger coming because they are sensitive to a certain energy? The list can go on, mind reading, communication with the dead, out of body travel etc. are all things that get ridiculed, but eventually science will make a discovery that will chance these perceptions forever, just like what has happened so many times i n the past.

All ancient cultures have understood the body and our interaction with the universe better than we have. If we are aware of these frequencies and vibrations, and can tune into them like you would when trying to find a radio station, what power could be discovered?

Vibrations and energy will be looked into at more depth in further blogs, but for now, just look at the picture and realise that the things that we can see is just an infinitesimally small amount compared to the possibilities out there. This raises so many questions about dimensions, abilities, power that it is impossible to cover in such small detail. Rest be assured, you are much more powerful than you ever realised. Your thoughts shape your reality, and you mind is affected by different frequencies, if you can control the frequencies, you can create whatever reality you ever wished for.

I'm Picking Up Good Vibrations ;-)

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