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Sunday, 23 January 2011

What's it all about?

We live in a free World, we are a civilisation based on democracy and the freedom of speech and liberty for one and for all. Then why does it seem that we are living in a police state?

People have to remember that they are the rulers of their kingdom, not the king or the government. You choose a select number of people to represent you and facilitate the laws you want in place and the system you feel best fits your society. The government is only their as a supportive function, not a dominating one. Why does that keep getting forgotten?

Government has transformed itself into a power vacuum, absorbing everything they can from the public and laundering it to the big corporations. Remember, in the world of free trade we live in, their is no border, no nationality and certainly no enemies; countries are simply business functions.

That's why wars are not fought to be won, they are fought to increase production and efficiency, and to drive down the cost of labour. Every war ever fought has been a war on labour at the expense of the public.

This will come a lot clearer in subsequent posts but for now, remember these two examples. Guy Fawkes, and Sir Thomas More.

The core motto's of this blog are:

Governments & Banks Pretend To Fail.

Nations have no Enemies, only Customers & Suppliers.

Wars are to Drive Down the Cost of Labour

Wars are also for Increasing Working Conditions (Foreign Nation Building)

Follow the Money, Find the Truth.

Afghanistan is the best modern example of this. I have been contemplating how to structure the next few posts, as I have written and posted them in other places before, but there has been developments since then. Now I can see more people are viewing the blog (yet still no feedback!) I think I will post the original information and back fill it with subsequent blogs. Watch out for them!

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