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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Fancy a Game of Monopoly? It'l be a Riot!

Secret Monopolies That Run The World

How much did this article cheer me up on a Saturday afternoon! I forget at times that most of my freedom of choice has been taken away from me, and it is good to be reminded every now and then that the bloodsucking corporations will soon have a hold on everything, so not only will I have to pay them for the basic necessities of life; Food, Water, Warmth & Shelter, but they will charge an exponential amount of money to do so!!!

It really makes me feel happy to be alive in this world of free, competitive trade, capitalism and globalisation. Who would want to live in the renaissance, the wild west or any other time when life was simple?
The American revolutionaries gave their lives for a future in which each man would have the freedom to make his own choices. That dream has come true in the form of supermarket aisles that contain 50 different cereals with the word "oat" in their name, five marshmallow based cereals with a monster theme and 12 different varieties of Cheerios alone.

What would you say if I told you that dream was a lie? That all these brands you think you're picking and choosing between are all sock puppets on the many tentacles of a few, lesser known companies?

I don't know what you would say, but we're about to find out.
Luxottica Makes All Your Sunglasses
Remember back when you watched The Matrix for the first time and ran down to the store to buy sunglasses and a trench coat? There were so many sunglass brands to choose from: Oakley, Ray-Ban, Revo, Vogue, DKNY, and if you must have only the best, $500 designer glasses from Prada and BVLGARI (which has that V-instead-of-a-U thing, so you know it's classy like ancient Rome). 

The thing is, all of those are made by one manufacturer -- Luxottica.

Menu Foods: The Shadow Behind Your Cat Food

If you are a cat or dog, you will remember the infamous pet food recall of 2007, where thousands of your kind died due to melamine contamination. For a time it seemed like no brand was safe. Word spread through the cat community to turn up their noses at food even more than usual.

How could so many brands (about 150) happen to get contaminated at the same time? Well, because most of them were made by the same company.

When You Eat Corn, You Are Eating Monsanto (TM)

Like an omnipresent starchy deity, corn is everywhere. Savvy consumers know that it doesn't just stop at corn on the cob. Word has gotten out that corn syrup turns up in almost every candy and soda, and is as addictive as crack. But how about Febreze? Hand sanitizers? Ethanol car fuel? That's all corn, too. Making rubber tires? You'll need corn starch. Spark plugs? Corn. Drywall? Corn. You can't build a car or a house without corn.

Whether You're a Mac or a PC, You're Probably a Quanta

Taiwan's Quanta Computer makes 33 percent of all laptops in the world, including Dells, HPs, Sonys, Toshibas and yes, Macs.

In fact, if you're reading this on a laptop, there's a 90 percent chance it was manufactured by one of seven giant companies you've never heard of, all located in Taiwan. None of the brands you know and love actually makes computers. Fortunately, Taiwan is a pretty laid back country where almost nothing ever goes wrong.

Max Martin Has a Monopoly on Annoying Songs

If you've ever complained that all pop music these days sounds alike, you may have a point, considering how many songs were written by the same guy. His name is Max Martin, and you probably hate him without knowing it.

InBev: The Imported Beer Barons

Well, as you've probably guessed, every beer you've ever bought in a store was probably made by the beer empire of InBev, along with Stella Artois, Alexander Keith's, Bass, Beck's, Boddington's, Lowenbrau, Rolling Rock, St. Pauli Girl and Spaten. Those are just the brands they own outright. They also have majority stakes in companies like Grupo Modelo, which makes most of the beers in Mexico -- Corona, Modelo, Pacifico.

This  is just the beginning...

In a world where 1% of the population own 40% of the wealth, and where 10% own 80+% of the wealth you gotta start to ask yourself certain questions...

...Like why did it take a burns victim in Tunisia to wake people up from what is happening right under their noses? 

New reports coming out of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where many of the top leaders of banking, finance, industry and politics gather every year, are showing great concern over the unprecedented events now threatening to plunge the entire Middle East, if not the entire planet, into total chaos and anarchy.   
The spark that ignited the firestorm currently sweeping the planet was struck, literally, by a 26-year-old Tunisian with a computer science degree named Mohamed Bouazizi who on December 17th, who unable to feed his family, and not allowed by his government to even get a permit to sell vegetables, had his face slapped by the police for even daring to ask why he couldn’t be free.

Not content to let his life be written off by his government as worthless, Bouazizi publicly doused himself with gasoline, lit a match, and burnt not only his own body, but the entire consciousness of a world, and its people, being destroyed by the corrupt elites who rule over them.  

In less than a month, on January 14th, the fire started by this 26-year-old Tunisian had burnt to the ground the entire government of his country which was forced to resign and its president-for-life, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was forced to flee the country.
The people’s coup in Tunisia, called the Jasmine Revolution, sent shockwaves throughout the Arab world, but with many experts stating that it wouldn’t spread.  They couldn’t have been more mistaken as the firestorm started by Bouazizi is now burning in Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Hungary, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

People aren't too pleased when they can't afford to eat funnily enough, and the whole worlds hungry right now. I'm not looking forward to how its gonna end, crash diets are never good for the system.


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