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Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Great Game of Bio-Warfare: Conspiracy of Coincidence?


This post is going to very broad and covers several different aspects of Bio-Warfare spanning over a decade. As you will be able to see from the information below, these details need a lot of vetting to understand if it is accurate as this will be critical in understanding if this is a conspiracy or a coincidence. I have been aware of this for just over a year but not looked that much into it and made sure I kept an open mind and open ears. It is only in the last week that I have come across several articles that seem to compound this ‘conspiracy’ and I am going to try and bring the details together here.

I will list sources as I proceed in the most logical order possible. As I rough out the structure of this post more ideas are coming to me and everything seems to be fitting together, but as the amateur psychologist out there will know what the thinker thinks the prover proves (Robert Anton Wilson). Either way even if you don’t think there is any credibility to any of this and that it is a clear coincidence then at least you have just seen the preliminary script for an epic blockbuster movie as this thing runs like it has been written for Hollywood. Let us begin, I think I have used this quote here before but want to include it again as it seems fitting:

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

Anthrax 2001 Pre-Pentagon 9/11

Our story begins then around the time of the Anthrax attack in Washington in 2001, one week after the 9/11 attack. First link is from Wikipedia giving you some background knowledge on the attacks:

Anthrax Attacks Wiki

The 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States, also known as Amerithrax from its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) case name, occurred over the course of several weeks beginning on Tuesday, September 18, 2001, one week after the September 11 attacks. Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and two Democratic U.S. Senators, killing five people and infecting 17 others. According to the FBI, the ensuing investigation became "one of the largest and most complex in the history of law enforcement."
I will now include excerpts from that same article that I believe highlight important points which need to be addressed. Please note although I am selectively quoting content to help get across the point I want to make I applaud you to read ALL of the information yourself to get the full picture and hopefully contribute your understanding as to how all this fits together. All important info will be highlighted in yellow and then my comments will be below. I have kept all sources where possible. All quoted text is identified.

A major focus in the early years of the investigation was a bio-weapons expert named Steven Hatfill, who was eventually exonerated. Another suspect, Bruce Edwards Ivins, became a focus of investigation around April 4, 2005. Ivins was a scientist who worked at the government's biodefense labs at Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland. On April 11, 2007, Ivins was put under periodic surveillance and an FBI document stated that "Bruce Edwards Ivins is an extremely sensitive suspect in the 2001 anthrax attacks".[2]On July 27, 2008, Ivins killed himself with an overdose of acetaminophen.
Our First Suicide or Mysterious Death (not the first chronologically, this case spanned several years but it seems best to look at it in its entirety first).

Here is what the letters containing Anthrax said. There were all slightly different but mostly along these lines:



Apparently Anti-American and Anti-Israeli.

On September 11, the president and White House staff began taking a regimen of Cipro, a powerful antibiotic. The public interest group Judicial Watch filed lawsuits in June 2002 against federal agencies to obtain information about how, what and when the White House knew on 9/11 about the danger of anthrax weeks before the first known victim of the anthrax attacks.The issue, therefore, is on what grounds governmental officials were alerted to prepare for the coming anthrax attacks, which were later traced to a U.S. army medical research institute.
The government apparently knew of the attacks a week before them occurring, even though it was concluded it came from a US army base?

The F.B.I. and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention both gave permission for Iowa State University to destroy the Iowa anthrax archive, and the archive was destroyed on 2001 October 10 and 11.95
The FBI and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) investigation has been hampered by the destruction of a large collection of anthrax spores collected over more than seven decades and kept in more than 100 vials at Iowa State University, Ames, IA. Many scientists claim that the quick destruction of the anthrax spores collection in Iowa have eliminated crucial evidence useful for the investigation. A precise match between the strain of anthrax used in the attacks and a strain in the collection would have offered hints as to when bacteria had been isolated and, perhaps, as to how widely it had been distributed to researchers. Such genetic clues could have given investigators the evidence necessary to identify the perpetrators.

Why is it that all criminal, controversial cases involving the worlds government always lead to crucial evidence being destroyed?

Immediately after the anthrax attacks, White House officials repeatedly pressured FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove that they were a second-wave assault by Al Qaeda following the September 11 attacks. During the president's morning intelligence briefings, Mueller was "beaten up" for not producing proof that the killer spores were the handiwork of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden, according to a former aide. "They really wanted to blame somebody in the Middle East," the retired senior FBI official stated. The FBI knew early on that the anthrax used was of a consistency requiring sophisticated equipment and was unlikely to have been produced in some "cave". At the same time, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney in public statements speculated about the possibility of a link between the anthrax attacks and Al Qaeda.[96] The Guardian reported in early October that American scientists had implicated Iraq as the source of the anthrax,[97] and the next day the Wall St. Journal editorialized that Al Qaeda perpetrated the mailings, with Iraq the source of the anthrax.[98] A few days later, John McCain suggested on the David Letterman Show that the anthrax may have come from Iraq,[99] and the next week ABC News did a series of reports stating that three or four (depending on the report) sources had identified bentonite as an ingredient in the anthrax preparations, implicating Iraq.
Using this potential threat as a precursor to war? Seems like they didn’t need this as they managed to get the public to back the war on terror based on the 9/11 attacks themselves but let’s keep this in mind, this ‘false flag’ as it were.

Scientists familiar with germ warfare said there was no evidence that he had the skills to turn anthrax into an inhalable powder. According to Alan Zelicoff who aided the F.B.I. investigation "I don't think a vaccine specialist could do it . . . This is aerosol physics, not biology"

No-one is truly convinced that they got the sole perpetrator of the crime. This is compounded by the following statement:

On September 17, 2008, Senator Patrick Leahy told FBI Director Robert Mueller during testimony before his the Judiciary Committee Leahy chairs, that he did not believe Army scientist Bruce Ivins acted alone in the 2001 anthrax attacks, stating:

"I believe there are others involved, either as accessories before or accessories after the fact. I believe that there are others out there. I believe there are others who could be charged with murder.

So officially the case is not closed? Remember the name of the Director involved Robert Mueller.

Several 9/11 hijackers, including Alhaznawi, lived in Boca Raton, Florida, near American Media Inc. workplace of the first victim of the anthrax attacks. They also attended flight school there. Some of the hijackers rented apartments from a real estate agent who was the wife of an editor of The Sun, a publication of American Media. Further, a pharmacist in Delray Beach, Florida, stated he had told the F.B.I. that two of the 9/11 hijackers, Mohamad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, entered the pharmacy seeking medicine to treat irritations on Mr. Atta's hands.

This is hard not to dwell on but for now all I can say is read my previous posts as to the 9/11 events and you will see why this is significant. The FBI had several of the hijackers under surveillance before the attacks, growing the link between government agencies and the anthrax breakout. I know that is open ended, but this thing is turning into a novel already.

The anthrax attacks, as well as the September 11, 2001 attacks, have spurred significant increases in U.S. government funding for biological warfare research and preparedness. For example, biowarfare-related funding at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) increased by $1.5 billion in 2003.In 2004, Congress passed the Project Bioshield Act, which provides $5.6 billion over ten years for the purchase of new vaccines and drugs.

We will look at this in more detail later when the economic view becomes a little clearer.

A theory that Iraq was behind the attacks, based upon the evidence that the powder was weaponized and some reports of alleged meetings between 9/11 conspirators and Iraqi officials, may have contributed to the momentum which ultimately led to the 2003 war.[172]

After the 9/11 attacks and the subsequent anthrax mailings, lawmakers were pressed for legislation to combat further terrorist acts. Under heavy pressure from then Attorney General John D. Ashcroft, a bipartisan compromise in the House Judiciary Committee allowed legislation for the Patriot Act to move forward for full consideration later that month.

Vaccines and the patriot act. These attacks paved the way for everything that we discuss here on FK-Ultra, foreign nation building (Iraq Invasion) Enterprise Corruption (Lucrative government contracts for Vaccines) and more powers over the public (totalitarian).

So that is the background to the initial attacks and sets the scene for what we are about to discuss. It would need a lot more work to get it where I would want it but for now please continue below.

Dead Microbiologists

So what are all these mysterious deaths? Well over the last decade there have been around 116 deaths of leading professionals involved in the fields of bio-warfare, micro-biology, nuclear energy, government research and medical development companies. This doesn’t seem like anything of importance (not in a heartless kind of way, but in a kind of ‘how many doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professionals die kind of way). But when you start to look at the cause of death things start to look intriguing, especially as the rate of suicides is quite high? These are all professionals working at the forefront of their fields, pioneering human development and then they all kill their selves, get murdered or happen to be run over? There are too many to list them all (all the links are included at the end of this section) but here are a few unusual ones:

#107-111 Andrei Tropinov, Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Valery Lyalin, in a Russian plane crash. The five scientists were employed at the Hydropress factory, a member of Russia's state nuclear corporation and had assisted in the development of Iran's nuclear plant. They worked at the Bushehr nuclear power plant and helped to complete construction of it. Officially Russian investigators say that human error and technical malfunction caused the deadly crash, which killed 45 and left 8 passengers surviving.

A sad accident; All worked with Iran’s Nuclear Facility.

Dr Massoud Ali Mohammadi, 50, was assassinated Jan. 11 when a remote-control bomb inside a motorcycle near his car was detonated. This professor of nuclear physics at Tehran University was politically active and his name was on a list of Tehran University staff who supported Mir Hossein Mousavi according to Newsweek. The London Times reports that Dr. Ali-Mohammadi told his students to speak out against the unjust elections. He stated "We have to stand up to this lot. Don't be afraid of a bullet. It only hurts at the beginning." Iran seems to be systematically assassinating high level professors and doctors who speak out against the regime of President Ahmadinejad. However, Iran proclaims that Israel and America used the "killing as a means of thwarting the country's nuclear program" per Newsweek.

Murder; Iran’s nuclear activities.

John (Jack) P. Wheeler III, 66. last seen Dec. 30 found dead in a Delaware landfill, fought to get the Vietnam Memorial built and served in two Bush administrations. His death has been ruled a homicide by Newark, Del. police. Wheeler graduated from West Point in 1966, and had a law degree from Yale and a business degree from Harvard. His military career included serving in the office of the Secretary of Defense and writing a manual on the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons, which recommended that the United States not use biological weapons.

Murder; Involved in Bio-Defence.

#88 Caroline Coffey, 28. Died June 3, from massive cuts to her throat. Hikers found the body of the Cornell Univ. post-doctoral bio-medicine researcher along a wooded trail in the park, just outside Ithaca, N.Y., where the Ivy League school is located. Her husband was hospitalized under guard after a police chase and their apartment set on fire.

Murder; Bio-Medicine.

Laurent Bonomo and Gabriel Ferez, both 23. Died July 3, after being bound, gagged, stabbed and set alight. Laurent, a student in the proteins that cause infectious disease, had been stabbed 196 times with half of them being administered to his back after he was dead. Gabriel, who hoped to become an expert in ecofriendly fuels, suffered 47 separate injuries.

Murder; Infectious Disease and Eco-Fuels.

#79: Leonid Strachunsky. Died: June 8, 2005 after being hit on the head with a champagne bottle. Strachunsky specialized in creating microbes resistant to biological weapons. Strachunsky was found dead in his hotel room in Moscow, where hed come from Smolensk en route to the United States. Investigators are looking for a connection between the murder of this leading bio weapons researcher and the hepatitis outbreak in Tver, Russia.

Murder; Bio-Defence.

#67: Matthew Allison, age 32. Died: October 13, 2004. Fatal explosion of a car parked at an Osceola County, Fla., Wal-Mart store. It was no accident, Local 6 News has learned. Found inside a burned car. Witnesses said the man left the store at about 11 p.m. and entered his Ford Taurus car when it exploded. Investigators said they found a Duraflame log and propane canisters on the front passenger's seat. Allison had a college degree in molecular biology and biotechnology.


As I have said there are 116 and the links to Iran’s Nuclear programme, disease control and research into pathogens is quite shocking. But if this is not a coincidence, then that must mean that someone is deliberately killing or silencing these people. If so, then why? 

In the same period or around a decade, why does there seem to also be a rise in infectious diseases and pathogens spreading around the globe? Now there are several valid theories and mathematical models for this, showing how it is in fact inevitable that will happen as the population increases (to hit 7 billion at the end of this month the UN reported this week) but some of these outbreaks themselves seem suspicious and at the same time as all leading people in the field are being killed? It may not be a conspiracy but it is quite scary either way. Let’s continue with a timeline of related events and a little info about them all.

Steve Quayle (Probably the most extensive list).

What Really Happened (Some interesting Links).

Mark J Harper (Another Chronological List).

Above Top Secret (Many user created threads about all topics going to be covered in this easy to navigate forum).

Ian Gurney (Interesting Summary). 

The Digging up and Sequencing of the Spanish Flu and the Swine Flu Outbreak

1918 Flu Pandemic

The 1918 flu pandemic (the Spanish flu) was an influenza pandemic, and the first of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus (the follow-up was the 2009 flu pandemic, an outbreak of Swine Flu. It was an unusually severe and deadly pandemic that spread across the world. Historical and epidemiological data are inadequate to identify the geographic origin.[1] Most victims were healthy young adults, in contrast to most influenza outbreaks, which predominantly affect juvenile, elderly, or weakened patients. The flu pandemic was implicated in the outbreak of encephalitis lethargica in the 1920s.[2]

The pandemic lasted from June 1918 to December 1920,[3] spreading even to the Arctic and remote Pacific islands.
Between 50 and 100 million died, making it one of the deadliest natural disasters in human history.[4][5][6][7][8] Even using the lower estimate of 50 million people, 3% of the world's population (1.86 billion at the time[9]) died of the disease. Some 500 million, or 27% (≈1/4), were infected.[5]

Tissue samples from frozen victims were used to reproduce the virus for study. This research concluded, among other things, that the virus kills through a cytokine storm (overreaction of the body's immune system), which perhaps explains its unusually severe nature and the concentrated age profile of its victims. The strong immune system reactions of young adults ravaged the body, whereas those of the weaker immune systems of children and middle-aged adults resulted in fewer deaths.

This was very nasty stuff and we ourselves two years ago had a very similar scare. All mainstream news outlets were broadcasting 24 hours a day the impending slow and agonising death that was to befall you and was holding all hopes out for a vaccine which scientists were rushing to create to save us all (Very Hollywood). Again we are going to have to leave out discussions on vaccines and all the evidence (or lack of it) that they are in fact good for us, when the most likely reason for them is to suppress our immune systems further. This is another debate which I believe we have covered before, if not we will sometime. The issue at hand here is a global pandemic that arrived in the midst of all these scientist deaths and the events surrounding it.

Little reported at the same time was the following:


The effort to find preserved samples of the 1918 influenza virus has been a pursuit of both historical and medical importance. The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most devastating single disease outbreak in modern history, and examining the virus that caused it may help prepare for, and possibly prevent, future pandemics. When the complete sequence of the 1918 virus was published in 2005, it represented a watershed event for influenza researchers worldwide.

In an article in the journal Antiviral Therapy, scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, narrate the story of how scientists discovered samples of the 1918 strain in fixed autopsy tissues and in the body of a woman buried in the Alaskan permafrost.
The article places this discovery in the context of decades of research into the cause of pandemic influenza, and the authors detail the strange convergence of events that allowed them to recover and sequence the virus in the first place. Its genetic material is so fragile that it should not have survived for days, let alone decades.

In a mass grave in a remote Inuit village near the town of Brevig Mission, a large Inuit woman lay buried under more than six feet of ice and dirt for more than 75 years. The permafrost plus the woman's ample fat stores kept the virus in her lungs so well preserved that when a team of scientists exhumed her body in the late 1990s, they could recover enough viral RNA to sequence the 1918 strain in its entirety. This remarkable good fortune enabled these scientists to open a window onto a past pandemic--and perhaps gain a foothold for preventing a future one.

Reference: "Discovery and characterization of the 1918 pandemic influenza virus in historical context," by J Taubenberger, J Hultin and D Morens. "Spotlight on Respiratory Viruses" issue of Antiviral Therapy 12:581--591 (2007). Article available at

So due to a massive stroke of luck, scientists were able to recreate entirely one of the most deadly natural disasters in human history and use this for future research. This kind of thing always seems like a good idea to scientists as they have a habit of believing that they are the most intelligent people in history and that they have control over nature which time and time again proves not to be the case.

Ethics of reconstructing Spanish Flu: Is it wise to resurrect a deadly virus?

J van Aken1 1Study Group on Biological Arms Control, Hamburg University, Germany. Correspondence: J van Aken, e-mail:

Recently, a team of US scientists resurrected a virus that has since been labelled 'perhaps the most effective bioweapons agent now known' (von Bubnoff, 2005). In 1918, a highly virulent strain of influenza virus killed up to 50 million people worldwide. The virus – later dubbed the Spanish Flu – killed more people than any other disease of similar duration in the history of humankind. Until last year, this virus was extinct, preserved only as small DNA fragments in victims buried in Alaskan permafrost, or in tissue specimen of the United States Armed Forces Pathology Institute. Now the full sequence of the Spanish Flu virus has been published (Taubenberger et al., 2005) and the virus itself reconstructed. It proved to be as fatal as the original. When tested on mice, it killed the animals more quickly than any other flu virus ever tested (Tumpey et al., 2005).

So here we have it. The virus was sequenced in 2005, and then only one year later it was placed into tissue samples at a US army base ant tested and found to be the most deadly flu virus ever. Three years later and we have a global pandemic of swine flu.

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

Anyone reading this now will remember the fear gripping the planet over this scare a few years ago. At the same time however there were a lot of people trying to expose the threat for what it really was, a genetically engineered strain created to enhance the profits of drug companies at the cost of human life and to again exercise control over the world population.

Swine Influenza

Swine influenza, also called pig influenza, swine flu, hog flu and pig flu, is an infection by any one of several types of swine influenza virus. Swine influenza virus (SIV) or S-OIV (swine-origin influenza virus) is any strain of the influenza family of viruses that is endemic in pigs.[2] As of 2009, the known SIV strains include influenza C and the subtypes of influenza A known as H1N1, H1N2,H2N1,H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3.

Swine influenza virus is common throughout pig populations worldwide.
Transmission of the virus from pigs to humans is not common and does not always lead to human flu, often resulting only in the production of antibodies in the blood. If transmission does cause human flu, it is called zoonotic swine flu. People with regular exposure to pigs are at increased risk of swine flu infection.

2009 Flu Pandemic

The 2009 flu pandemic was an influenza pandemic, and the second of the two pandemics involving H1N1 influenza virus (the first of them was the 1918 flu pandemic), albeit in a new version. First described in April 2009, the virus appeared to be a new strain of H1N1 which resulted when a previous triple reassortment of bird, swine and human flu viruses further combined with a Eurasian pig flu virus,[2] leading to the term "swine flu" to be used for this pandemic.
It has been determined that the strain contains genes from five different flu viruses: North American swine influenza, North American avian influenza, human influenza and two swine influenza viruses typically found in Asia and Europe. Further analysis has shown that several proteins of the virus are most similar to strains that cause mild symptoms in humans, leading virologist Wendy Barclay to suggest on 1 May 2009, that the initial indications are that the virus was unlikely to cause severe symptoms for most people.[61]

The virus is currently less lethal than previous pandemic strains and kills about 0.01–0.03% of those infected; the 1918 influenza was about one hundred times more lethal and had a case fatality rate of 2–3%.[62]
By 14 November 2009, the virus had infected one in six Americans with 200,000 hospitalisations and 10,000 deaths – as many hospitalizations and fewer deaths than in an average flu season overall, but with much higher risk for those under 50. With deaths of 1,100 children and 7,500 adults 18 to 64, these figures "are much higher than in a usual flu season".[63] 

n January 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, a German deputy who trained as a physician and now chairs the health committee at the Council of Europe, claimed major firms had organised a "campaign of panic" to put pressure on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to declare a "false pandemic" to sell vaccines. Wodarg said the WHO's "false pandemic" flu campaign is "one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century". He said that the "false pandemic" campaign began last May in Mexico City, when a hundred or so "normal" reported influenza cases were declared to be the beginning of a threatening new pandemic, although he said there was little scientific evidence for this. Nevertheless he argued that the WHO, "in cooperation with some big pharmaceutical companies and their scientists, re-defined pandemics", removing the statement that "an enormous amount of people have contracted the illness or died" from its existing definition and replacing it by stating simply that there has to be a virus, spreading beyond borders and to which people have no immunity.

So, to summarise the above we have a new outbreak of the Spanish flu three years after it has been recreated and tested. This strain is not as deadly but comes from a mixture of five different flu’s found around the world, all combined to make it highly contagious, infecting the vast majority of the population. It has since been claimed by respected institutions that the panic was spread in order to sell vaccines and increase profits.

This is very interesting and may come as a shock to you. At first it doesn’t seem real and many of you will be adamant that such a scheme is not possible, excerpt maybe in a James bond movie. But after reading what is coming up you may start to see that that is precisely the kind of world we live in; where insane villains will gladly massacre the population in order to make a profit.

There was initial scepticism about the outbreak as soon as vaccines started being talked about. I have included a few news reports containing videos below which I came across at the time to give you an idea but just Google any key phrases from what we are talking about. The last link I have included some excerpts from the article.

RT News

RT News

RT News


European countries bought billions of dollars worth of vaccine from pharmaceutical companies including Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi-Pasteur. Some of the contracts included a clause where governments could get out of buying the drugs if they were no longer needed. But some, notably ones with GlaxoSmithKline, did not.

“We continue to support governments in managing the H1N1 influenza pandemic. This includes ongoing discussions about existing orders for our pandemic vaccines,” reads the officials statement from the company.

Governments all over Europe are now saddled with billions of dollars worth of unnecessary swine flu vaccine. They are trying to sell it, but supply now far exceeds demand. So because governments wanted to be seen to be acting decisively, the European taxpayers have found themselves seriously out of pocket.

Here we see then that big pharmaceutical companies were quick to sell us a solution which in the end wasn’t needed; and surprise surprise it all came out of your pocket in times of a recession. You may not see any wrong doing in this though as hey, they are there creating healthcare solutions for you and making a living doing so, free enterprise and all that. But:

What if the same people knew that such a thing was going to happen; patented the vaccine before hand and sat back and waited for the profit to role in?

Patent Application



Baxter Files Swine Flu Vaccine Patent a Year Ahead of Outbreak --US20090060950A1 to Baxter International filed 28th August 2008 By Lara 10 Jul 2009 Baxter Vaccine Patent Application US 2009/0060950 A1 --'In particular preferred embodiments the composition or vaccine comprises more than one antigen.....such as influenza A and influenza B in particular selected from of one or more of the human H1N1, H2N2, H3N2, H5N1, H7N7, H1N2, H9N2, H7N2, H7N3, H10N7 subtypes, of the pig flu H1N1, H1N2, H3N1 and H3N2 subtypes, of the dog or horse flu H7N7, H3N8 subtypes or of the avian H5N1, H7N2, H1N7, H7N3, H13N6, H5N9, H11N6, H3N8, H9N2, H5N2, H4N8, H10N7, H2N2, H8N4, H14N5, H6N5, H12N5 subtypes.'
Baxter admits sending live avian flu viruses to subcontractor --Baxter admits contaminated seasonal flu product contained live bird flu virus 27 Feb 2009 The company that released contaminated flu virus material from a plant in Austria confirmed Friday that the experimental product contained live H5N1 avian flu viruses. And an official of the World Health Organization's European operation said the body is closely monitoring the investigation into the events that took place at Baxter International's research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria.

What? So they patented a vaccine for a strain consisting of human, swine and avian flu which are very rare a year before the outbreak, then get caught releasing these live viruses from their plant?

So not only did they know that it could happen (which is to be understood as they are the world leaders in research) but they may have inadvertently made it happen? Could you stretch your imagination a little further and suppose that they made it happen? Could they have created a strain, then patented a vaccine to combat it and then release it to the public and then make billions selling the remedy? How could they get away with such things?

Sourc e

Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline was accused of cashing in on swine flu after it revealed its profits have risen 10 per cent since the virus was identified.

It announced profits yesterday of £2.1billion in the past three months. Sales of vaccines and antiviral drugs could push the figure up even higher.

GSK chief executive Andrew Witty admitted the swine flu crisis would be a 'significant financial event for the company'.

Read more: Yfw

I am sure that this significant financial event wasn’t planned and was an unexpected positive to arise from a population gripped in fear. (I am almost certain there was evidence of the price going up tenfold around the time of the outbreak but I can’t find it). Below is some more motive:


As concern spread Monday about a swine flu virus outbreak, investors saw opportunity in shares of companies that make or hope to make anti-flu drugs.

Britain's GlaxoSmithKline, (GSK) which makes antiviral Relenza, saw its U.S.-traded shares rise 7.6% Monday, while U.S.-traded shares of Swiss drugmaker Roche Holdings, (ROG) which makes antiviral Tamiflu, rose 4%.

The antivirals, which make up the U.S. government's stock of anti-flu drugs, reduce the severity of flu symptoms and may prevent illness. They're seen as the first line of defense in an outbreak.

Longer term, health officials look for new vaccines to ward off outbreaks.
Novavax, a Maryland-based company that in 2005 turned its attention to flu vaccines, saw its shares leap 80% Monday.

Novavax (NVAX) is testing cell-based technologies to enable it to produce a flu vaccine in as little as three months, says equity analyst Elemer Piros at Rodman & Renshaw. That's half as long as traditional flu vaccine makers, which use an egg-based process. Shortening the process is key, because flu can mutate rapidly.

GSK and Roche also say they're prepared to expand antiviral production. The swine flu outbreak will reinvigorate stockpiling, says Jason Kantor, biotech analyst for RBC Capital Markets. He covers Gilead Sciences, which developed Tamiflu and gets royalties from Roche. The outbreak "raises the awareness that these threats still do exist," he says.

So Novavax shares jumped 80% and they were created around the same time that the strain was sequenced? That seems strange. I wonder if you looked into any of the Directors we would see any seedy government sponsorships and links:

James F. Young, Ph.D.
Dr. Young joined Novavax's Board of Directors in April 2010 and was appointed Chairman in April 2011.
He has over 30 years of experience in the fields of molecular genetics, microbiology, immunology and pharmaceutical development. Most recently, Dr. Young was MedImmune's President of Research and Development, where he had responsibility for regulatory affairs and was instrumental in the development of FluMist® and Synagis®. In 2005, Dr. Young was awarded the Albert B. Sabin Humanitarian Award. Prior to MedImmune, Dr. Young was influential in building the department of molecular genetics at Smith Kline & French Laboratories (now part of GlaxoSmithKline) and culminated as director, department of molecular genetics. Dr. Young was on the faculty of the department of microbiology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, NY. He received his doctorate in microbiology and immunology from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas and Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and general sciences from Villanova University.

John O. Marsh, Jr.
Mr. Marsh joined the Novavax Board of Directors in 1991 (then known as Molecular Packaging Systems, Inc.) and served as Interim Chief Executive Officer from July 1996 to March 1997 and as Chairman of the Board from July 1996 to February 1997. He is currently the Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law at George Mason University and has been
Co-Chair of the Independent Review Group for Walter Reed Hospital and the Bethesda Navy Medical Center since 2007. He also has served as Visiting Professor of Ethics at Virginia Military Institute in 1998. Mr. Marsh was Secretary of the Army from 1981 to 1989, a Counselor with Cabinet rank to the President of the United States from 1974 to 1977, Assistant for National Security Affairs to Vice President of the United States in 1974, and Assistant Secretary of Defense from 1973 to 1974. Mr. Marsh was a U.S. Representative in Congress from 1963 to 1971. He has been awarded the Department of Defense Distinguished Public Service Award on six occasions and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Ronald Reagan.

Michael A. McManus, Jr.
Mr. McManus joined the Novavax Board in 1998. He has served as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Misonix, Inc., a medical, scientific and industrial provider of ultrasonic and air pollution systems, since 1998. Previously, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of NewYork Bancorp Inc. from 1991 to 1998. From 1990 through November 1991, Mr. McManus was President and Chief Executive Officer of Jamcor Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Mr. McManus served as an Assistant to the President of the United States from 1982 to 1985 and held positions with Pfizer Inc. and Revlon Group. Mr. McManus received a B.A. in economics from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center. He served in the U.S. Army Infantry from 1968 through 1970. Mr. McManus currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of A. Schulman Inc. He is also a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

So two of their directors had links to the military and the President of the United States? That seems like a coincidence. Unlike our other coincidences, these guys never had the urge to kill their selves or were not unlucky enough to get hot by a car.

Let us not forget that the virus was first sequenced at an army facility, so how did the private companies have access to start making vaccines within the first two years? This strain had been dormant for 87 years, then with the space of four years it was sequenced, tested, patents created, vaccines developed and remarkably an outbreak occurred netting a few people sat on some board or another several billion.

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

But the controversy doesn’t stop there! This saviour of a vaccine then went on to kill more people than the flu itself did! Who could have written that script, surely no-one could have foreseen that? Well actually if they had patented and tested the vaccine before hand and not in the 6 weeks following then vaccine like we were led to believe at the time then surely they did know that?


A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.

More people died from the vaccination than from swine flu.
• 500 cases of GBS were detected.
• The vaccine may have increased the risk of contracting GBS by eight times.
The vaccine was withdrawn after just ten weeks when the link with GBS became clear.
• The US Government was forced to pay out millions of dollars to those affected.

Concerns have already been raised that the new vaccine has not been sufficiently tested and that the effects, especially on children, are unknown.

It is being developed by pharmaceutical companies and will be given to about 13million people during the first wave of immunisation, expected to start in October.

Whoa! Hold up. This thing is linked to a deadly nerve disease? One in six Americans are infected with this flu and are being panicked into having a vaccine that is unsafe and untested? At least when the effects were realised the vaccine were withdrawn (but the billions in sales had already been made with no refund, according to the contract). What if everyone would have had the vaccine? Phew close call, guess some people just make mistakes but we will forgive them...
But the exact same thing happened only 33 years earlier!

1976 Swine Flu Outbreak

The 1976 swine flu outbreak, also known as the swine flu fiasco,[1] or the swine flu debacle, was a strain of H1N1 influenza virus that appeared in 1976. Infections were only detected from January 19 to February 9, and were not found outside Fort Dix.[2] The outbreak is most remembered for the mass immunization that it prompted in the United States. The strain itself killed one person and hospitalized 13. However, side-effects from the vaccine caused five hundred cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome and 25 deaths.

Again this was known about, but suppressed during the time of the most recent outbreak. Would you have gotten the vaccine if you had known about this?

So to summarise then the flu was an unusual strain that bore links to a strain that was developed in a US army base. IT would seem then that it somehow got leaked, possibly whilst Baxter was sending it to its subcontractors. Panic then ensued and Baxter those responsible came to the rescue by bringing to market a vaccine that was patented years before for a very specific strain. They made billions of dollars whilst more people then died from the vaccine than from the flu in the first place. This can be seen as a classic, ‘Pretend to Fail’ (A common term used here and taken from but then we find that the same happened only 30 years ago, but this info was suppressed during the outbreak in order to maximise sales and prey on people’s fears.

What next? Again this is all just coincidence along with the mysteries deaths and the other outbreaks, but hopefully you can see that even if it is we are all playing a very big gamble with the survival of the human species by carrying on with these outrageous practices. What if or when if this happens again and this time we can’t stop it spiralling out of control because all of the people who can save us have been run over or killed their selves? Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again... 

The Digging up and Sequencing of the Black Plague

But wait... We will never learn from our mistakes. In the last week:


BLACK Death rampaged across Europe in 1348, killing a third of the population. Now the complete sequence of Yersinia pestis, the most likely cause of the Black Death, has been unearthed from a medieval mass grave in London.

The mystery over the disease continues, however, as modern Yersinia infection - which causes bubonic plague - behaves very differently to the Black Death, yet its DNA is virtually unchanged.

"This is the first time a human pathogen more than a century old has ever been fully sequenced," says Johannes Krause at the University of Tübingen, Germany.

The exact same is happening now with the black plague!

Black Death

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, peaking in Europe between 1348 and 1350. Although there have been several competing theories, the dominant explanation for the Black Death is the plague theory, which attributes the outbreak to the bacteriumYersinia pestis. Thought to have started in China, it travelled along the Silk Road and had reached the Crimea by 1346. From there, probably carried by Oriental rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships, it spread throughout the Mediterranean and Europe.
The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30–60 percent of Europe's population, reducing the world's population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400. This has been seen as having created a series of religious, social and economic upheavals, which had profound effects on the course of European history. It took 150 years for Europe's population to recover. The plague returned at various times, killing more people, until it left Europe in the 19th century.

Is this what we have got to look forward to in three years time? If we see some patents appearing next year then we better get of spaceship planet earth fast. Again we are taking a deadly pathogen and recreating in the name of science (and control and profit it would seem) and risk (hope, depending on which board of directors you are sitting on) releasing this into the public and decimating life as we know it. People will die, and people will make a lot of money from those deaths and after putting together the pieces of the puzzle, I would not be surprised in the slightest if this is brought to reality in some form of another over the next few years. God I wish those pesky Micro-Biologists would look both ways when crossing the street, who is going to help us?

But why worry about the future? What about what is happening in the world right now? The following segment of this post was reported again in the last week. 

The arrest of CDC Director


An official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was arrested for allegedly molesting a child and bestiality, according to police in DeKalb County, Ga.

Kimberly Lindsey, 44, a deputy director at CDC, is charged with child molestation and bestiality for two incidences involving a 6-year-old child. Lindsey's live-in boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, 42, is also being charged with child molestation.

The pair is accused of involving the child in their sex acts, including allowing the boy to spank Lindsey's nude buttocks and let him use an electric sex toy on her, according to warrants issued for their arrests.

Lindsey is also accused of performing sexual acts with two pets.

Police said they found evidence in the home during a search that led to the issuance of the warrants, though they would not comment on the nature of the alleged evidence.


Dr. Kim Lindsey, Supervisory Health Scientist, serves as the Deputy Director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office (LSPPPO) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She serves as second in command of the program office. Previously, Dr. Lindsey served as a Senior Health Scientist in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response (OPHPR). The primary role of this position is oversight of the $1.5 billion fiscal allocation process for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response funding agency wide.

So here we have a high ranking official in a government department tasked with anti-terrorism and bio defence taken off duty to an allegation made against her. This has been the case before as we will see below; it seems a common theme of the government that if you can’t get away with killing someone who disagrees with your policy, label them a paedophile. If you look more at Kim’s background you will find that she has had a major role in the governments pesky little problem of ANTHRAX over the years. Coincidence?

Here is another similar case:

Scott Ritter Wiki

William Scott Ritter, Jr. (born July 15, 1961) was an important United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, and latera critic of United States foreign policy in the Middle East. Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Ritter stated that Iraq possessed no significant weapons of mass destruction (WMD) capabilities. He became a popular anti-war figure and talk show commentator as a result of his stance.
Since 2001, Ritter has been arrested on sex charges. He was acquitted on a single criminal attempt charge, and convicted on other charges.
Ritter was detained in April 2001 and arrested in June 2001 in connection with police stings in which officers posed as under-aged girls to arrange meetings of a sexual nature.

It must be a Jungian collective unconscious thing; Nuclear scientists all end up committing suicide, microbiologists all die in car crashes and all outspoken critics of government policy who sit in influential positions all turn to paedophilia. Or again:

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

The Purchase of Anthrax Vaccines

So tying up a few loose ends, the anthrax attack in 2001 originated at a government lab but even the director of the FBI admitted that the man held responsible (who killed himself, would you believe) was not acting alone. There have been further cases of pathogens being leaked where government labs have been involved (sequencing the influenza), people who know something get killed or arrested and all the while drug companies (who’s board of directors also used to work close to the president) make a lot of money (whilst you die). Ok, all just coincidence. Then this last week (surely this confirms the theory that time novelty and information are increasing at an exponential rate):


Maryland-based biotechnology firm Emergent BioSolutions on Monday said it had received a $1.25 billion contract to provide the U.S. government with 44.75 million doses of an anthrax vaccine (see GSN, June 1).
BioThrax is the only anthrax vaccine licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

"Emergent is proud to be able to contribute to the U.S. government's program of protecting the nation from the threat of anthrax," company Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Fuad El-Hibri said in provided comments.
"This five-year award provides for uninterrupted supply of this critical biodefense countermeasure while addressing the government's mandate to reduce spending across all programs."
Delivery of the first 8.5 million doses is expected within the next year. Completion of the contract is scheduled for September 2016, presuming funding continues. The company also has the right to change the delivery schedule based on production levels and other variables (Emergent BioSolutions release, Oct. 3).

This sounds very familiar as the influenza vaccine does it not? Problem created, solution found and sold to the government and then what’s next... outbreak confirmed and profits shoot through the roof. This is a very scary similarity, and all we can hope is that anthrax doesn’t start popping into the news again anytime soon. Let’s look at the board of this company:


Dr. Sue Bailey Director

Dr. Sue Bailey has served as a director since June 2007. She is currently advisor to the director of the National Cancer Institute. Prior to that, Dr. Bailey served as a news analyst for NBC Universal, a media and entertainment company, from 2001 to 2006. She served as Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2000 to 2001,
as Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) from 1998 to 2000, and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Clinical Services) from 1994 to 1995. Dr. Bailey was a faculty member at Georgetown Medical School. She is a former U.S. Navy officer, having achieved the rank of Lt. Commander, U.S. Navy Reserve prior to her appointment as Assistant Secretary of Defense. Dr. Bailey is on the board of advisors of the Institute of Human Virology, an institute of the University of Maryland School of Medicine working to develop diagnostics and therapeutics for viral and immune disorders; the board of directors of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence; and the board of Suburban Hospital in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Bailey completed her medical degree at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and a B.S. from the University of Maryland. Dr. Bailey completed her internship and residency at George Washington University and completed a medical post-graduate fellowship at Johns Hopkins University.
Ronald B. Richard Lead Independent Director
Mr. Richard is a former U.S. foreign service officer. He served in Osaka/Kobe, Japan and as a desk officer for North Korean, Greek and Turkish affairs at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. Mr. Richard previously served as chairman of the board of trustees of the International Biomedical Research Alliance, an academic joint venture among the NIH, Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Zsolt Harsanyi, Ph.D. Director
Previously, Dr. Harsanyi directed the first assessment of biotechnology for the U.S. Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment, served as a consultant to the President’s Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research and was on the faculties of Microbiology and Genetics at Cornell Medical College.

Why doe pahramacauticul companies always want people from government on their board? Does it keep the campaign payouts a little lower and make the lobbying a little easier?

Anyway, as I said let’s just hope we don’t start seeing news stories regarding anthrax...

Anthrax found in Cow!

S*%t! Again, just this week:


The results of tests for anthrax on a dead cow at a Herefordshire farm were negative.

Health officials from the environment department Defra have confirmed that the animal was not infected with the disease when it died in a field in Bartonsham near Hereford.

Samples were taken to a laboratory after the vet who first examined it was unsure as to the cause of death.

Defra said it was routine for tests to be done whenever a cow died in a field.

As a precaution, a public footpath near the site was closed on Thursday, but a spokesman for Herefordshire Council said it was now looking to reopen it as soon as possible.

Any suspected outbreak of anthrax must be reported to Defra.
In 2006, two cows died of anthrax at a beef farm in south Wales. In the same year, Christopher "Pascal" Norris died after inhaling anthrax spores from West African drums.

Phew, least it was confirmed negative. Still the panic started to creep back into the media here in the UK for just a moment. More to come?

For the final part of this post I just want to look at a little more background info and then ask myself ‘Where am I going with this?’ 

Bio-Defence Funding

Is there really money to be made in scaring and killing people?


Since the anthrax attacks in 2001, some $60 billion has been spent on biodefence in the United States. But the money has not bought quite what was hoped.

Most of the biodefence spending, in fact, has spin-offs into other fields;
even BARDA is involved in developing medicines against threats such as pandemic flu. In all, only $11.99 billion of the $60 billion has been spent on programmes solely concerned with biodefence. That's just over $1 billion per year from 2001 to 2011.
Drug-makers often say that it takes at least $800 million and ten years to develop a single drug, so a much greater investment is required before the biodefence effort can yield many new countermeasures. Kadlec recommends that the United States spend $10 billion a year on biodefence in future.

What’s that? Funds are being funnelled into research projects and we are not getting anything out of it? That’s a new one on me. Also it takes 10 years and $800 million to develop a drug? Good job vaccines are a lot quicker then or does this prove foreknowledge of the outbreak (have you forgot what you read right at the beginning about the white house starting to take medicines against anthrax a week before the attack? They have very good intuition when it comes to their own health don’t they!?)

So big funds are still being processed but it is not enough, the field of experts are slowly dying out mysteriously and pathogens are continuously being developed. If someone is doing this to make money, take control and then start nation building after then they need a good pretence to do so (like Iraq). So is there anything happening in the world right now that could make you think twice?

Iranian Claim Western Capitalism Will Collapse due To Occupy Wall Street


Iran's supreme leader said on Wednesday that a wave of protests spreading from Wall Street to cities across the US reflected a serious crisis that would ultimately topple capitalism in America.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the US was now in a full blown crisis because its "corrupt foundation has been exposed to the American people".

His remarks came during a rally in the western Iranian city of Kermanshah that drew tens of thousands of people. His speech was broadcast live on state TV.

The Occupy Wall Street movement started in New York last month. The loosely affiliated movement is peacefully protesting against the power of the financial and political sectors.

"They [the US government] may crack down on this movement but cannot uproot it," Khamenei said. "Ultimately, it will grow so that it will bring down the capitalist system and the west."

Iranian officials have called Occupy Wall Street an "American spring", likening it to the uprisings that have toppled autocratic Arab rulers in the Middle East.

Khamenei claimed capitalism in the west had reached a dead end and that "the world is at a historical turn".
Ok so Iran are now saying that the end is Nigh for big pharma and their government associates who have swelled on the crest of capitalism for years, so what?  

Claim of Iran assassination on US Soil


At a news conference Tuesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller said a convoluted plot involving monitored international calls, Mexican drug money and an attempt to blow up the ambassador in a Washington restaurant smacked of a Hollywood movie.

Coincidence! The same man involved with the anthrax investigation in 2001, and was tasked in ensuring that a pretence for war in the middle east was established is now commenting on the latest Iran/US tensions the same week a major Anthrax vaccine deal is announced and a deputy director of the CDC who has been involved in anthrax research has been arrested!? If it isn’t a coincidence, what has this got to do with the mounting waves of global protests?

US Potential Economic Sanctions on Iran/ Iran Take as act of war

Source[/ url]

Pretence for war established? Or do they need the smoking gun?

Occupy Wall Street- Gone Global


The Occupy Wall Street movement that has been spreading across America is going worldwide this morning.

Protests are planned in solidarity from Europe to Australia in what is being called an "International Day of Action" this weekend.

In Tokyo, protesters are fighting inequality and about 300 Australians chanted the cry that started on Wall Street, "We are the 99%!"
In the Philippines, protesters marched in Manila, where they announced their support for the movement and denounced "U.S.-led wars and aggression," the Associated Press reported.

While the worldwide protests get underway, protesters at the movement's home base in Lower Manhattan said they're not done spreading the message of the so-called "99 percent."

There are two major events planned for today -- a march to Times Square and a rally at JP Morgan Chase Bank where protesters say they'll be pulling the money from their accounts and closing them all together.

Elsewhere in the country, protesters like Larry Coleman in Flint, Mich., say they're in solidarity with similar protests against corporate greed and economic injustice.

When do you ever see larger groups of people in the same place at the same time? Iran has been implicated in apparent terror plots and these are being ‘considered an act of war’. There is no way on this earth that the American people will condone a military intervention at this time when over two thirds are opposed to the current government. But what if there was to be an Anthrax outbreak right now.

The people responsible for the 2001 attacks are still at large and it was feared last month that at the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks (and let’s not forget the anthrax) that there would be a terror attack. Now it would seem the US are desperate to find pretence for war, if there were to be an outbreak now then that would be it.

Was the CDC director about to come clean about the plans? Has this got anything to do with the nuclear engineers who were killed whilst working with Iran’s nuclear programme?

All these last words are mere speculation of course and I am not sure if I even subscribe to this theory. The aim of the post is to assemble the twists and turns of the anthrax and influenza outbreaks in the last decade and the news events of the last week have led me to contemplate where this may be headed and what form it may take.

There are other currently pressing issues such as a potential TB Outbreak and an increasing trend of diseases and infections becoming immune to antibiotics like Gonorrhoea that was reported again in this last week. As already discussed this is a result of rising population and disregard to personal health.

I will include below several videos and appendices relating to everything covered in this post. Most notably is a documentary I discovered today called Anthrax war which I will be watching at the next available convenience. I hope to see some feedback.



 Coast to Coast

 Interviewing Bob Coen Eric Nadler

Bob Coen

Eric Nadler

Message To Humanity: The Time is Now - The rEvolution Is Coming!

***Steve Quayle jsut got back to me and said it was Ok to use soem of his material (I wrote and asked permission). I included links to his site as well as Rense in the thread, but jsut to be clear Steve Quayle was the first to put the info on the dead scientists together first and then it was translated onto Rense.***


Ok as I said I have continued to look further into this for the time being before giving up on it. The following posts contain more information that I came across whilst running some basic searches last night. First a little information behind the man who runs the company who has the rights to the only FDA approved Anthrax Vaccine. (I found a lot of interesting information about the vaccine itself and might post this after this one).


The only FDA-licensed human anthrax vaccine' in the United States, Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA, trade name BioThrax), is produced by Emergent BioDefense Corporation, formerly known as BioPort Corporation in Lansing, Michigan. The parent company of Emergent BioDefense is Emergent BioSolutions of Rockville, Maryland. Both Emergent BioSolutions and Porton International Group, Ltd., Porton Down, UK, are controlled by Fuad El-Hibri.

Fuad El-Hibri

Fuad El-Hibri Website


So there was a little info on the man behind the company. But whilst searching for details of him it became apparent that others in the past have also found this whole business a little suspicious and decided to look into it a bit further. First a 'Good Spin' (We need to look at both sides of the story to be balanced, no?


Muslim CEOs of U.S. firms fight terrorism, 'stop evil'

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Those who go to sleep at night with the threat of terrorism on their minds might be surprised to learn that Muslim CEOs are running companies that watch over our safety.

Fuad El-Hibri is CEO of BioPort, the only U.S. maker of anthrax vaccine.
• Houssam Salloum is CEO of Axiolog, a Detroit firm developing a high-tech system for tracking international cargo into vulnerable U.S. ports.
• Nafa Khalaf is CEO of Detroit Contracting, which after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001 secured the five major treatment plants that supply water to 4.5 million residents of the Detroit area. Khalaf, 50, emigrated from Iraq in 1986, and his company is now working to protect water plants in Iraq.
• Ahmad Mesdaq, owner of businesses in San Diego including a coffee lounge and cigar factory, this summer will launch an auto registration system in his native Afghanistan that will help authorities stop widespread shipments of explosives and drugs by warlords. Getting Afghanistan back on its feet brings security to the USA, he says.

From the same source:

Scrutiny surrounds anthrax vaccine

Conspiracy-theory Internet sites have taken a special interest in El-Hibri's formative years in Lebanon and Sudan, and a more recent three-year assignment in Saudi Arabia with Citibank. The sites imply crimes ranging from ties to Osama Bin Laden to being the mastermind behind the mailing of anthrax spores that killed five people in 2001. El-Hibri calls the Web sites annoying and jokes that he's lucky to be in the vaccination business so that he can inoculate himself from the pain of accusers who can't be confronted.

Even some members of Congress have objected to BioPort's anthrax role. That criticism reflects ignorance, says retired admiral William Crowe, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Reagan administration and the first George Bush administration and now is on BioPort's board of directors. BioPort recruited Crowe, a friend of El-Hibri's father. Crowe received 8% of BioPort's stock to serve on its board, largely because of his expertise about the key customer, the Defense Department. But Crowe's presence also mitigates the attention on El-Hibri.

BioPort keeps a small supply of anthrax spores under five layers of security to verify the potency of the vaccine, a requirement of the Food and Drug Administration. That makes El-Hibri a suspect of conspiracy theorists, who say the unsolved anthrax mail crime of 2001 increased demand for BioPort's product while El-Hibri and his family were safely inoculated from the fatal bio-threat.

"That's a terrible stretch," says Crowe, who says El-Hibri is straightforward and honest and is one who has "never entertained even the slightest idea of fooling the government" and "bends over backward to make sure the Defense Department is aware."

Glad to hear he is such a great guy; straight from the mouth of a key shareholder who is linked to the defence department and the Bush Administration.

Making Afghanistan safer helps the USA

Mesdaq is the son of a brigadier general in the Afghani air force who immigrated to the USA as a 9-year-old after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. After the Sept. 11 attacks and the subsequent U.S. war in Afghanistan, he returned a year ago to his native country to visit family. He found a country with more than 500,000 vehicles and no efficient system of registration and licensing. SUVs with tinted windows and diplomatic plates from Iran, Pakistan and the former Soviet republics are everywhere,loaded with explosives or drugs and driven by warlords, he says.

Mesdaq had an idea for a registration system using license plates with holograms. The U.S. State Department approved his plan last month, and he says it will be launched this summer. A one-time registration fee of $100 a car will generate $50 million for the country.

Mesdaq says it's important that Afghanistan not become dependent on aid from the U.S. "They need to lift themselves if they love their country," he said.

Good to see that far from subliminal message there. I have highlighted this headline here as this ties in perfectly with my other thread about corporate corruption and the war in Afghanistan. This thread has barely got a look in here on ATS but the amount of information and documentation that supports this fact and its free availability on the internet is astonishing. If you find any part of this thread remotely interesting, then please go look at the other thread as well here:

Afghanistan: A Modern Silk Road Strategy 

So he's a good guy right? He owns the company that is going to save us if there is ever an outbreak of anthrax. But as we saw with Baxter (History has a tendency to repeat itself) these companies tend to make a profit if there is an outbreak and may even be responsible for the outbreaks in the first place.

Below is an article discussing how this prominent businessman has links to the Bin Laden Group and the Carlyle Group, both who have come under suspicions before with regards to government contracts and the famous incident just after 9/11 (before the anthrax attacks?) where the family were flown out of the country during a no fly zone back to Afghanistan for their own 'safety'.

I have not included any red text in the next section as it is all important to read!


]It's a story straight off the pages of a John Le Carre or Robet Ludlum thriller. A mysterious Lebanese millionaire, who already owns telecoms companies in Venezuela and El Salvador, uses his influence to take over the sole manufacture, production and distribution of one of Americas most sought after defence products. Meanwhile, the world's most wanted terrorist appears to be profiting from his family's investment in the self same manufacturing process, assisted by no less a personage than the father of the President of the United States. Sounds fanciful?

Well, on December 1st. last year the Pakistan News Service announced that documents belonging to a United States company called BioPort Corporation were found in the possession of the al-Qaeda in Kabul, Afghanistan. Seven weeks later, on January 16th, the United States Food and Drug Administration, which had, since 1999 prohibited BioPort from manufacture and production at its Michigan laboratories, announced that it had given its conditional approval for BioPort to begin the manufacture, production and shipping of its product to the US military. On February 1st. the US government gave BioPort Corp a green light on to resume production that had been shut down by the Food and Drug Administration for three years.

So now lets look at who owns and runs BioPort Corporation. Let's begin with Admiral William J. Crowe Jr. former Head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and a former US ambassador to Great Britain. It seems that back when President George H. W. Bush was setting up Osama Bin Laden as a "freedom fighter" (Afghanistan's "freedom fighters" were credited with shooting down more than 270 Soviet aircraft using American made Stinger missiles in the 1980's) the good Admiral and his associates on the Joint Chiefs of Staff were, according to some reports, selling American made weapons-grade Anthrax to Saddam Hussein in the hopes that he would use it against Iran. These days Admiral Crowe sits on the Board of Directors and owns 13% of BioPort Corp.

After the attacks of September 11th. President Bush placed BioPort's North Lansing laboratory under protection, invoking the national interest. Interestingly enough, the Italian magazine Il Manifesto reported, in its October issue, that this happened at the same time that the FBI also placed the El Hibri’s at the top of their list of suspects for sending anthrax spores through the mail system.

Now comes the interesting part of this story. According to reports in the US media, until October last year a major investor with The Carlyle Group was (and you had better sit down before you read this) the bin Laden family! For many years The Carlyle Group has maintained financial ties with the family of Osama bin Laden, but those links were supposedly severed after September 11th. When it was agreed that the relationship was becoming a tad embarrassing for all concerned.

The story behind the Carlyle Group and the links between George Bush Sr. and the bin Ladens is fascinating to say the least.

If the rumours are correct about the Carlyle Group's investment in BioPort, then it's quite possible the bin Laden family is an investor in the only company able to make Anthrax vaccine in the United States, and because their beloved Osama might have some of the stuff, the family will make a fortune. In fact, the shortage of vaccine created by the now withdrawn FDA ban will make all those involved in BioPort extremely wealthy, as market forces drive the price of the vaccine up. A very cosy arrangement. The Bushes, El Hibri's and bin Ladens (and the occasional complicit Admiral) could all be making money off the fear and death of Americans. Is it any wonder, then, that documents relating to BioPort were found in the possession of bin Laden's al-Qaeda network in Kabul?
So there you go, more links to this man and the FBI, now we have the Carlyle group and the Bin Laden family implicated and we have picked up more references to Iran and the Anthrax fiasco as well as some interesting information referring to the Bush Family having links to this company. I have to bring back that repetitive comment from the previous posts:
"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

It really does write like a Hollywood script in my opinion. Below is another referenced article that I have only glanced over, but again it seems to cover everything covered here in this thread:


Project Anthrax by Alex Constantine



The towers fell. Fear of a tiny spore gripped the great democracy.

Emergency measures in a jingoistic package, under consideration in the House of Representatives, arrived at the same time as the Ames strain, and the emergency
measures floated through Congress on a cloud of lethal white powder.
Right-wing propagandists stepped up to point out the obvious culprit. Laurie Mylroie, a "conservative" state propagandist, explained to CNN, "it takes a highly sophisticated agency to produce anthrax in the lethal form-. Not many parties can do that." Saddam Hussein "continues his part of the war in the form of terrorism. It is unlikely that that anthrax will remain in letters. It is likely that it will be used - in the subway of a city, or in the ventilation system of a U.S. building. Saddam wants revenge against us. He wants to do to the U.S. what we've done to Iraq."

A great example of the media using fear of such a bio attack on the public and the stirring up of the war machines in response, in defence. There six parts to the article but a search for El-Hibri draws us to part 3 in particular. Again, no red text, it's best to read it all for full effect:

Part 3


The stock market symbol for BioPort, inc. should be pi - because its corruption goes on indefinitely, or so it seems when you begin to sift through the records.

On January 26 2003, Bob Fitrakis wrote: "Let's recall Bush's strange relationship with that bizarre little company in Lansing, Michigan, known as Bioport. The company, despite failing various FDA inspections and being accused of bad record-keeping, holds the only federal contract for producing the anthrax vaccine. Bush has rewarded Bioport with favors such as ongoing military protection, and within weeks of 9/11 granted them a contract that tripled the price per vaccine. Now, add into the mix that the Strangelovian CIA-connected Battelle and Britain's top secret Porton Down labs are partners with Bioport.... Public records and foreign press reports have linked El-Hibri to the selling of anthrax to Saudi Arabia after the Pentagon refused to. He's also a business associate of the bin Laden family. A real Congressional investigation of Bush's relationships with the bin Laden family, El-Hibri and the related drug bank BCCI would easily lead to the President's impeachment."6

I think it is time to try and prove some of these facts because this really does seem a little unbelievable.


The above is a link to a blog I found which also discusses the same themes I have been looking at, so looks like people have been suspicious of this for a long time though I have never come across it and I don't think it has ever made its way onto ATS.

Thanks for Reading.  


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